myBooklet BC was directly inspired by Julia, a vibrant and funny girl with complex health challenges. Julia has many gifts and strengths. She also has a very active life in her community.

The Family Support Institute of BC (FSI) collaborated with Julia's family to turn Julia's booklet into a FREE online tool. Julia’s family donated their booklet idea to FSI in order for all families to have access to this tool from anywhere in the province. Our goal is to help, support and inspire families and people with disabilities in BC to create a person-centered plan using myBooklet BC.

Julia's booklets are always about celebrating her skills and abilities and creating opportunities for her to lead a full and meaningful life in her community.

We hope myBooklet BC will create opportunities for every person with disabilities in BC to have a rich life with active participation in the community, a strong sense of contribution and a social life free from isolation!

FSI continues to update, upgrade, enhance and maintain myBooklet BC to continue to meet the needs of BC families. We are grateful to Julia and her family for this gift.

If you have suggestions for making myBooklet BC even better for your family, please get in touch.